Domain Purchase Scam

Domain investors, holders of domain names, website owners please be aware that there is a scam of getting you to spend money in a domain purchase offer. This domain purchase scam is communicated to the email address of the entity listed in the WHOis database. Firstly, the scammers send an email to the address listed […]

Listing Your Domains for FREE!

One Word .com

A lot of persons who have caught on to domain investing in recent time, and you would realize that the greatest obstacles in getting that first sale or getting domains sold in general are: Listing the domain in an area where there is enough interested traffic Getting a good price to maximize profits for domains […]

Who is a domainer/domain investor?

A domain investor, popularly known as domainer, is one who creates/buys domain names and registers them as a means of investment. The domain investor may buy expired domains, trendy domains or they may just make them up. The domain investor may hold the domain for many years with the hope that the value will increase […]

Creation of FlipWebDomains.com

As an aspiring online business owner, I have taken a couple months to learn the ins and outs of doing business online. It’s no get rich quick scheme; there is legitimate hard work, financial investment and time investing that needs to happen. I have recently been consumed with domain investing as it comes close to […]