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Domain Names Were Meant To Be Developed | Part 3

An Interesting Discovery: Peplum.Top In the last post, Part 2, I shared some interesting data around the direct traffic to the domain name Peplum.Top. I realised that within a few days of registration, the traffic was relatively high. Of 150 names, it was receiving in the top 5 number of visits. I wanted to find […]

Domain Names Were Meant To Be Developed | Part 2

I started sharing some thoughts based on my experiences with domain names having reached my two (2) year mark in the domains industry. See Part 1 here. I attempted to establish that; The reason why other people spend money on domain names is not the inherent value of the name itself but the POTENTIAL that […]

Domain Names Were Meant To Be Developed | Part 1

My Experience Yesterday, September 19, 2020 marked 2 years exactly since I registered my first domain names for investment purposes. I have bought, sold, brokered, renewed, helped lease, dropped, backordered, pushed, accepted, received and gave away domains for free. I have also worked full time as an independent contractor at a domain name registrar. With […]

.VC Domain Name Promo

.VC Domain Names

Epik.com’s .VC Promo Epik announces the lowest price; $4.99 in the domain industry for .VC domain names starting August 17, 2020. The regular market reg. fees usually fall within the $35 – $40. It is slated to run for the next 30 days. This will be very interesting to see in light of recent reports […]

Hand Picks for Epik’s 0.99 .co Promo

Epik 0.99 .co Promo to Celebrate 10th Anniversary Epik.com celebrates its 10th anniversary with a massive promo. .CO new registrations will be discounted to $0.99 for the whole month of July. To conduct a search of the remaining available domain names that may be registered, use Epik.com’s bulk domain search. From there the domain names may be […]

Epik URL Shortener: Epik.to

Epik URL shortener

Free Epik URL Shortener Epik.com has deployed a nifty URL shortener that will become useful to all those who will share links of Epik related products across the web. This is especially neat for those customers that are actively involved in affiliate marketing. It currently works on any Epik-powered domain, Epik.to. The potential of this […]

Hand Picked One Word .cx Domain Names Available for Registration

.cx domain names

Epik.com Announces Cheapest .cx Domain Names Recently, I have found out that Epik has struck a deal the .cx registry and now offers the cheapest market rates across the industry for the cx Domain Names TLD. It is noteworthy to mention that within three (3) days, it will mark the one year anniversary of Dosebuy, […]

LLL Domain Names List (All 17,576 combinations)

LLL Domain Names

17,576 LLL Domain Names List – Available Below ↓ The following is a list of 17,576 high demand, highly valued domain name investment possibilities; LLL Domain Names. The foregoing is available via download as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet through the Gumroad.com platform.   To conduct a search of the remaining available domain names that may […]