Domain Names That Flip the Best: Geo Domains

Domain Names that Flip Best

Today, senior domain broker at VPN.com/domains, Darryl Lopes | D-LO revealed that in his experience of flipping quite a few domain domains and writing an ebook about it, there has been a significant pattern to be noted. He realizes that a certain type of domain name flips the best.

He makes a tweets to see if anyone could guess what the type of domain name that flips best is. Other domain investors chime in with answers like: “Two real word .coms,” & “Generic .com,” but are both refused by Lopes. Within the hour, another domain investor; Alex Verdea responds with by saying, ” GEO/service type names sell best with OUTBOUND approach. My experience anyways… .” Darryl responds by agreeing “Correct. Geo names are what I have found the easiest to flip.



What are Geo-Domains?

According to domainsherpa.com, Geo-Domains refer to domain names that are the same as those of geographic locations, such as cities and countries.

Examples of geo-domains include: Atlanta.com, LosAngeles.com, Texas.com, etc.

Since geographical domain names are limited in number and have good name recognition, geo-domains are highly valuable. The concept of supply and demand holds true.

Geo-domains can provide a virtual representation of the locations they serve– for example, Hawaii.com is heavily tourism focused.


Geo-Domains Provide a Unique Opportunity for Domain Investors

In my short stint as a domain investor, I have found that a lot of exact match country domain names that I have searched are actually NOT owned by the governments of those countries, businesses invested in the countries or even the nationals of the countries.

Whether this is seen as grounds for ethical concerns by the current owners is left up to individual opinion. For example Jamaica.com, Trinidad.com, England.com & Abudabi.com all resolve to landing pages. This I believe represents huge revenue losses for these countries and locations as you would guess many internet users will type in these names with the .com in the web browser searching for cultural, historical & culinary information as well as possible leisure and travel opportunities related to these locations. It is a personal opinion of mine that domain names should eventually go to the end-user that directly has interests with the exact match domain name.


Let’s Test This Theory a Bit

So I wanted to see what the traffic would be like or rate of inquiries for a domain related to an existing place. I did some research and chose to hand-register one domain name. It was really tough because every major location in the world has already been registered, the ones that have significance at least. I’m not sure how much of a “geo-domain” this is, in the truest sense of the definition, but I got:

If this domain name turns over sooner than the other domains I have in holding then I would have found something significant. If this works then I will move on to adding more geo-domains to my portfolio. If you are interested, ask me why I chose this in the comment section. It took me a couple of hours to settle on this choice.


What exact match domain names do you currently own? Have you flipped any Geo-Domains recently? What was the ROI like? Let me hear your voice on this topic.

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