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As an aspiring online business owner, I have taken a couple months to learn the ins and outs of doing business online. It’s no get rich quick scheme; there is legitimate hard work, financial investment and time investing that needs to happen.

I have recently been consumed with domain investing as it comes close to real estate flipping only without the massive paperwork.

I purchased a few domains that I was interested in and I had a light bulb moment. Instead of creating a landing page for each of my domains, I would create a website to post all my domains. I would also allow other users to post theirs and create a community of buyers and sellers without the red tape. Many of the great domain companies like sedo, godaddy, and others charge a hefty fee to sellers. They also try to control the sale by employing their domain brokers.

Is it possible for sales to happen from buyer email to seller email without the middle man? Buyers and sellers can communicate fairly, apply trust and comradery to get their sales complete. This works out to be more profitable for the small domainers. I am aware that persons would rather forego the hassle and have somebody go after the sale for them. But this does come at a cost.

I am also aware that there are persons that may be flipping domains for a living and the thought of giving away 20% of your sale plus paying a fee for each domain you try to sell is too demanding. These giants in the domain industry ask for a lot in my estimation. Hence the motivation for creating this site.

Besides, I’ve seen many sellers awkwardly listing their domains in the comment section of youtube videos, blogs, and many other threads. I believe that there is a need for this free community of persons sharing their domains without the hefty fees. This just might be the website for that.


Creator of flipwebdomains.com

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