Domain Names Were Meant To Be Developed | Part 3

An Interesting Discovery: Peplum.Top

In the last post, Part 2, I shared some interesting data around the direct traffic to the domain name Peplum.Top.

I realised that within a few days of registration, the traffic was relatively high. Of 150 names, it was receiving in the top 5 number of visits.

I wanted to find out more, so I put up a parking page on Bodis.com

Here are a few things I found:

  • Average Monthly Visitors: 232
  • Top Four Countries Visitors came from: India, Canada, United States, United Kingdom
  • Average Click Through Rate: 1.27%
  • Parking Revenue Generated: $0.75
  • Main Search Terms Clicked: Peplum Tops, Women Tops

After realising that this name was getting constant type in traffic and a small percentage were trying to get to “womens peplum tops”, I did something unorthodox.


Redirecting The Domain Name to Amazon Search Filter: Peplum Top

I wanted to see what would happen if the visitors typing in Peplum.Top arrived at a store front with actual peplum tops. I redirected the domain name to the amazon search filter for peplum tops ( but with amazon associates affiliate code integrated), and here’s what I found:


peplum top


Within six (6) days of redirecting the domain name, there were 2 orders from amazon totalling: $37.98 total. This led to affiliate commission earnings of $1.52. (amazon associates’ rates are 4% for this category).

The most interesting part was the number of clicks registered in just 6 days. By day 21, this number reached to 600 clicks without further purchases. WOW, those visitors got really busy looking at those peplum tops.

Unfortunately, my associates account closed a few days afterward since I had it dormant for more than 180 days without making 3 sales. I had opened it in March of this year but did nothing with it until August.

This however gave me enough information I needed to decide to build out a store front of peplum tops on the domain name peplum.top.


What Was The Cause For The Typo?

It occurred to me that this typo wasn’t just happening randomly so I sought to find out the cause of the typo. Why were women (I assume) making this mistake adding a dot in between the words “peplum” and “top”?

I thought for a moment and looked at my laptop keypad and it wasn’t apparent that this mistake would be made. I then took up my phone and opened up the keypad and THERE IT WAS:

peplum top


The only thing that makes sense is that these visitors where searching peplum top on their mobile devices and ended up hitting the dot (.) instead of the space bar.

Does the traffic analytics corroborate this postulation?

Although most of the traffic is unrecognized, the other referral URLs does point to traffic coming from mobile devices. So chances are I am probably right. How many other popular search terms can you think of that would generate HUGE traffic to a domain hack?

That’s for you to find out.


Over the next couple of days I will be building something on the domain name: Peplum.Top and I invite you to join me on this journey of developing certain domain names as a domain name investor.

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To get live updates on this build in public project Peplum.Top, just leave your email address below and I will ensure you learn each and every detail on putting up a store front of Peplum Tops.


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