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Registering The Domain Name

During the recent trend in #WFH (Working From Home) caused by the covid-19 pandemic, I took some time to think about how flipping domain names would be affected by the pandemic. I began researching possible domain name solutions that would be valuable to end users in this time. A lot of executives at large companies and other businesses might not be so focused on long term investments. Many persons will focus on short term solutions and adjusting to a “new norm”.


Maybe hand registering suitable domain names and flipping them at prices below $1000 would be a good strategy. So I thought I would give it a try. This unprecedented time is a time for hand registrations rather than higher priced acquisitions. There are trends that will emerge out of this period that only hand registered generic domains will capture.


So I started researching “remote work” in Google and stumbled onto a remote work conference that was planned for April 2020 but had to move online due to travel restrictions. Since the domain name RemoteWorkConference.com was available, I registered it at the domain registrar Epik.com for $7.49. I then listed the name in the Epik Marketplace, Sedo Marketplace and Afternic Marketplace.


OutBound – Flipping Domain Names

After registering the domain name, I reached out to about four (4) organizations that host annual remote work conferences across the world. I engaged with three of the companies via the chat box on their website. One organization, facebook – workplaces, totally ignored me, and the other two had a decent chat with me. For the fourth, I sent a message through the contact form on the website of the company. Here’s how it went:


Company #1

Flipping Domain Names

Company #2

Flipping Domain Names



Flipping Domain Names

Flipping Domain Names


So I followed up about twice with Company #2 without getting a solid answer that they would acquire this.

So none of the companies actually said they would buy the name. Now the name has been sold for $799 via buy-it-now at the Sedo marketplace. So I am not certain if any of these companies snagged it or another random person. The important point for me is that it sold and I am grateful for that.


Flipping Domain Names


Out-bounding has been the most challenging thing I have ever done in this business. I will regard this as my first outbound sale although I am not sure any of the persons I reached out to actually bought it. I learnt my out-bounding strategy via DomainGraduate.com. Sending emails to companies is ideal but it hasn’t worked out so well for me. The best results for me has been in the chats with either the owners of the companies or the agents.


Conclusion – Flipping Domain Names

I know a lot of domain investors, including myself at times have discriminated against hand registrations and their inherent value. For me, now is the time to hand register. This is the time to capture emerging trends with generic domain name investments. Please drop a comment below if you have any questions on the sale or ask me how you can do this.

Flipping Domain Names



7 thoughts on “How I Flipped A Domain Name From $7.49 to $799 in 32 days | Flipping Domain Names

    • Stephen says:

      Hi Ravi, These are screenshots from the live chat apps on the companies websites I visited to do out-bounding. LinkedIn is a great platform to do out-bounding as I have had a few negotiations there as well.

  1. Dipen says:

    Hi Stephen,

    Congratulations for an awesome sale.

    I just visited domaingradute.com website to check e-book it website is not working. Is it an issues with the website?

    • Stephen says:

      Hi Dipen,

      Thanks much. The book is suppose to be available for download there. If you are having challenges you may read it as an Ebook online on there as well. if all fails, I have a copy here

    • Stephen says:


      Thank you so much! I think it was still an end user based on the landing page that is up. I think they are building out something soon.

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