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Google Search Liaison

Sometimes giant companies such as Google create value around key terms such as “Search Liaison” and in a sense forgets to register the matching domain name.

Today, popular “newbie domainer,” @Dosebuy on twitter, highlighted a trend which illustrates ignorance on the part of many internet businesses. That of creating social media usernames, using certain keywords on various platforms for services, brands, business arms and sometimes campaigns without having the matching domain name. In this case, Google Search Liaison is the culprit.

Dosebuy shared a tweet expressing “love” for a post made by Google’s search liaison account on twitter, which has the username @searchliaison. In Google’s tweet, they announce the rolling out of a facelift for their desktop search results page. In 2019, their mobile search results engine gained a new look.


It seems the absolutely generic exact match domain name SearchLiaison.com has a new owner. This domain will now become increasingly more valuable as Google’s Search Liaison arm ties themselves to this key-term. The true value of the exact match domain however will be determined by its new owner or the end-user that will buy this domain name.

In a previous blog, a similar trend is described, however the culprit was Wix.com.

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