How Dorik.io Acquired Dorik.com



Recently, there was a tweet that caught my attention and got me interested in a #nocode website builder called Dorik. I then found their main page and read a blog on IndieHackers.com written by the creator, Mizan which got me even more interested.

Dorik is a flexible & easy-to-use website builder with 120+ UI Components and 12 beautiful templates according to their website home page. Though I have not tried to build out a site myself as yet, I wanted to share an extremely interesting tale of how I encouraged Mizan to also acquire Dorik.com.

Most of the readers of this blog will probably be domain name investors. To make the connection, you might be familiar with a popular domain investor Peter Askew, who I have grown very fond of reading his tweets. I think this investor is one of the most balanced businessmen in the industry as he develops some of his prized names into full businesses.

Peter Askew also recommended Dorik in a tweet where he gives his acclaimed “Domain Development Cheat Sheet” as noted by Morgan Linton.


Dorik.io Acquires Dorik.com

Below, I will share an interesting dialogue I had with Mizan after realizing Dorik.io was about to gain much more visibility on the internet, and his most favourable response to going after Dorik.com.





Not all the times we see internet entrepreneurs get the exact match .com domain name for their business at the early stages and it tends to be an expensive lesson in the long run. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of facebook.com mentioned that his biggest regret was not getting facebook.com earlier. Who knows maybe Dorik will be the next Wix, or even far surpass all of our imaginations.

This is in no way a promotion or sponsored blog post. I was not paid to write this. I am just truly excited to see internet business make great decisions regarding their domain names. I currently am an independent contractor working with the domain registrar Epik.com, which won registrar of the year for 2020. I may be able to provide some insight on domain names and their acquisition. I am available to help anyone who needs it.

Please comment below if you thoughts or any questions on how you may also get the exact match domain name for your site or application.

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