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Buying The Domain Name on Twitter

As is the usual in the domain name investing community, many domainers like to post their domains on twitter with the hope of getting a sale. I have heard on podcasts and socials of persons flipping domains before through twitter but I never thought that I would be one to buy a name from someone directly on twitter.

So there I was scrolling through my twitter feed on May 6, 2020 (just three days ago), and I came upon a thread posted by Darryl Lopes, asking investors to post their crypto-related domains names below:



I found this thread interesting as I wanted to see what kind of names domainers were posting. I stumbled upon a very interesting name with a $25 price tag that I knew I just had to get. I immediately posted SOLD in the comment section, PM’d the seller and screenshot the post so I could hold the seller accountable (trusting his good faith) in case someone else came after me. The screenshot is shown below:


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Now, somewhere deep down I knew that this domain name was worth a lot more than $25. I thought that this was an ABSOLUTE steal. Two strong keywords related to the crypto niche could possibly sell in 4 or 5 figures if it got to the right buyers. So I set out to see what was possible.


Outbound – Flipping Domains

So I started out by typing the following into Google with quotation marks; “Cryptocurrency Lender”. This strategy I actually learned from Michael Cyger at DNAcademy. You may watch that video on out bounding strategies here. I found a few companies that had the keywords: Cryptocurrency Lender embedded in their sites somewhere so I made an attempt to contact them. Here’s how the chat went with one of those companies:

Flipping Domains


Flipping Domains


Since I had no positive response, I just kinda left it up with a buy-it-now price on my Epik landing page. I left it there since I had success just recently in getting a sale through the lander (see here). Maybe I would just wait a few months or years to flip this one.

Posting The Name on TheDomains.com Post

On Friday, May 8, 2020 as I was scrolling through Twitter again and I saw a post from a very popular domain name investing blog, TheDomains regarding a $500 or less sale campaign.


So I decided to post the domain there just to see what would happen; If there was any interest at all. I posted the name with a price of $250. If anybody was interested, they would be getting an amazing deal as I was already convinced that this domain was worth 4 or 5 figures to the right buyer. Although I knew it was worth a lot, it wasn’t very critical for me to hold onto this particular name. I didn’t expect much so I forgot about the post and went to bed.

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BAM! Interest The Next Day

The next day (TODAY), I am alerted on my phone to a missed chat message on my personal website: FlipWebDomains.com. Someone was excitedly asking if the domain name CryptocurrencyLender.com was still available as they saw my post on TheDomains.com.

It was a bitter-sweet moment as I really wanted to hold this three (3) year old domain name a little while longer to see if I could flip it for 4 figures. However being a man of my word and honouring the post I made, I had to give this domainer the name.

Some may say I made a HUGE mistake as this name is way more valuable, but I have no regrets. I didn’t have to be the one who saw this deal to buy it for $25.

I emailed the buyer and we made a deal at $250, the buyer paid and I pushed the domain name right away. The new owner now has a GREAT name and some meat has been left for them to make a nice profit. So there it is, domain name was flipped within 3 days.



This post is for the domainers who are not making sales, the newbies, the ones who are absolutely frustrated and want to give up. The ones who are questioning if flipping domains is possible in a such short period of time .

The key I think is grabbing a good deal when you see it. Having a good eye out for good domain names, working hard at actively selling the names. Others who have more capital may be able to sit and have inquiries come in. Do what needs to be done to keep the wheels turning, get the sales going.

Another strategy I learned was getting deals from domainers who have undervalued their own names and are liquidating decent names close to the renewal date. This I learned from DomainGraduate. This is personally what I thought had happened when I grabbed this name for $25.

Please see also my post from last week on flipping domains; How I Flipped A Domain Name From $7.49 to $799 in 32 days.

Please drop a comment below if you have any questions on the sale or ask me how you can do this as well.

2 thoughts on “How I Flipped A Domain Name From $25 to $250 in 3 days | Flipping Domains

  1. Collins says:

    Congratulations on your sale. I belong to that group that have not had successes in flipping domains. Most of my domains are Geo domains and I have done a lot of outbound that led no where. I’m not sure if the pricing is the problem or the quality of names, although I haven’t lost hope.
    I own healthyprogeny.com
    You can see some others along with the name above. I look forward to your advice. Thank you

    • Stephen says:

      Hi Collins,

      Thanks for your kind regards. It took me almost a year before I had my first sale. My first sale was about $13 despite working about 6 days per week full time studying domaining. Geo domain names are actually very good to flip, some even say the best. I have found that to be true as well as I have seen a lot of them sell recently. See my article here about Geo domains: https://flipwebdomains.com/certain-type-of-…s-flips-the-best/. Although I haven’t invested heavily in GEO domains and don’t have that much experience, being absolutely transparent, what I have seen sell a lot is “US State + Profession”.com. Those are the best liquid GEO domains in my estimation.

      Please also take a read of DomainGraduate.com that ebook is absolutely FREE. It kinda changed my perspective on domaining and I started to see more sales after that.

      All the best.

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