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PunchinStudios.com | The Domain Wix.com Forgot to Register


WIX In this post we will illustrate the importance of registering domain names in video ads such as PunchinStudios.com in the case of Wix.com. Wix.com is one of the most popular website builders of the decade. Wix.com allows their users to create HTML5 websites and mobile sites through the use of online drag and drop […]

The Book Every Domainer Should Read

The Domain Game: How People Get Rich from Internet Domain Names   It is my personal opinion that the book; The Domain Game: How People Get Rich from Internet Domain Names by David Kesmodal¬†is the most powerful resource on the internet for someone looking to start domain investing. I am in now way getting proceeds […]

New Domains – Mobile First Indexing

New website creators should optimize their sites for mobile phones!!! Be as mobile-friendly as possible! This is what WebCertain TV has to say about mobile-first indexing. Mobile First Indexing Framework On May 28, 2019, Google announces that they have made a significant change to their search console. They have implemented what is called “mobile first […]

Creation of FlipWebDomains.com

As an aspiring online business owner, I have taken a couple months to learn the ins and outs of doing business online. It’s no get rich quick scheme; there is legitimate hard work, financial investment and time investing that needs to happen. I have recently been consumed with domain investing as it comes close to […]