The Rosener Equation


To Your Google Ads Account                                           

  Scroll Down for Calculation Results 

If you do not have an account, you select START NOW and create an account 


On the top right hand side of the tool bar, select Tools & Settings


Then Under Tools & Settings, select Planning from the drop down menu


Under Planning, select Keyword Planner

Select Get Search Volume and Forecasts

Enter the Exact-Match domain name (keyword) you wish to enquire about without the www. and the .com. We will use google as an example. (This is a popularly searched term)

Make note of the AVG CPC & CTR 

Select Historical Metrics and make note of the Average Monthly Searches (ensure your domain is the exact-match with what is presented by google)


The Rosener Equation would evaluate google as a keyword at USD 11,642,400.00 (assuming a payback period of one (1) year)


Go ahead and try a keyword of your own and enter the results in the form below.

The Rosener Equation
Estimate the value of a domain name quickly using your keyword planner tool data from Google Ads.
You many choose to have the results of this calculation sent directly to an email address of your choice.


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