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In this post we will illustrate the importance of registering domain names in video ads such as PunchinStudios.com in the case of Wix.com.

Wix.com is one of the most popular website builders of the decade. Wix.com allows their users to create HTML5 websites and mobile sites through the use of online drag and drop tools. Wix.com lets users create websites for free, and then charges for features such as increased storage, no Wix.com ads and a personalized domain name, according to their Premium Plans. According to a 2017 CNBC article;

Wix.com, the website creation site that has 110 million registered users and an annual ad budget of more than $100 million, according to its latest financial report.

The brand brings in directors and production companies to make the commercials which they publish on youtube. You might be familiar with Wix.com ads running before and in between watching your youtube videos.


Wix YouTube Ads : PunchinStudios.com

On October 17, 2019, Wix.com published a one minute youtube ad promoting “Create A Professional Fitness Website | Wix.com“; PunchinStudios.com : See Below 

In the youtube video, a boxing studio website is displayed that would allow potential members to schedule studio sessions. However, Wix.com made a huge blunder in forgetting to register the domain name attached to the website they promoted in the video. At around 0:40 seconds into the video, the SEO settings were displayed with the URL: https//www.punchinstudios.com. The video went as far as to do a demo of the site title and description:

Title: Punchin | Boxing Fitness Studio

Description: Group fitness classes featuring workouts created by professional boxers. Find your inner strength with classes that are as challenging as you make them.



The blunder becomes apparent when a potential customer comments in the thread;

“Ok, I wanted to do some boxing so I typed in the web address shown in this video and it didn’t work? this fake?”

The screenshot below illustrates Wix’s response to the customers request and indicates a lack of consideration for the value they have created around PunchinStudios.com. This domain name will always be captured in the video and the value of PunchinStudios.com represents a portion of the value of the ad spend on that video.

Customers will attempt to type in the domain name into their browsers searching for the Wix.com site example. This concept holds true as RavenRed (a potential wix.com customer) does just that.


It’s quite unfortunate that Wix.com has not seen the value of a domain name that they will make extremely popular as the video viewership rises daily. This I believe is a display of severe negligence. Everyday, the demand for this domain name by boxing studios around the world will increase as this is possibly within their target market. The studios will want to take advantage of the value of the domain name created by Wix.com through the video ad.

As of the date of writing this post, the domain name has since been registered. The good news is that the domain: PunchinStudios.com is up for sale at DAN.com (popular domain name marketplace for premium domains) for a buy-it-now cost of $999 dollars (Purchase can also be made through any popular registrar such as Godaddy). The new owner will invest less than $1k to share in the value created by Wix.com through their marketing campaign.



All domain names attached to an ad campaign should be registered and held as assets to direct potential customers to the promoted website. There is no doubt that some of the traffic will convert to paying customers. Whoever ends up with this domain name will experience traffic that scales with the video promotion.


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