NameLiquidate.com Launches Staggering New Features

What is NameLiquidate?

NameLiquidate is a dutch auctions platform which allows you to place your domains in a reverse auction for 168 hours, starting at $998 with the price falling every hour at equal intervals until it reaches to $9 if not bought. The platform allows you to submit domain names from any registrar by unlocking the name, providing the auth code which then initiates an automate transfer in and sale process once it has been sold. The sale proceeds are then automatically paid out to a personal wallet attached to your Epik.com account, Masterbucks.com.

NameLiquidate was launched by Epik.com, the domain name registrar and web host. The initiative is led by product manager, Daniel Sanchez.

NameLiquidate in the early stages started as an idea which was thrown out to many active users in the domain name investing community for feedback on NamePros. “The market was carefully crafted from an idea on Dec. 3, 2019 and was completed within 30 days; It has been a work-in-progress since,” according to product manager, Dan Sanchez.

It has gone through various tweaks and changes since inception, but there has now been a new update which by far changes the entire feel of the platform. This update came today, Tuesday, July 14, 2020 as it was hinted to by CEO, Rob Monster on twitter.


NameLiquidate New Features

Single Sign On Federated Identity Login

Among the changes is the deployment of Federated Identity, a single ID and password that will soon work across all Epik Labs active deployments. There is a dedicated “Sign In” button to make it easy to access your “Watching list


User Experience

There has been some very smooth UX/UI changes which is a little more easy on the eyes and makes the experience pleasant. Below is an image of the area to add, in bulk, several domain names, the auth code and the intended reserve prices.



There is the introduction of a “Watch” button that has now been attached to each domain name. This enables an account user to add particular domain names of their choosing to their own private watch list.


Watching the domain name enables the user to set an auction ‘target price’ to trigger an email notification when the auctioned name falls below that price.

This is a very neat feature as it somewhat automates the process of tracking names in the liquidation platform. It eliminates time spent checking daily for when names hit your ‘budget reserve price’ for acquisition. This should increase the productivity of a lot of NameLiquidate users (both buyers and sellers).


Your watch list is then compiled and displayed in the dashboard when you hit Watching in the menu bar. The new “Not Sold” button indicates when a domain you are watching sells. Until then, it shows as Not Sold.

Once the reverse auction time runs out, the domain moves on to the Bargain section. 

Buying and Selling Dashboards

The buying and selling dashboards basically summarize all the activity a user does on the NameLiquidate platform. You are now able to clearly see your buying and selling lists insitu.




Domain Delivery

Once a domain name has been sold, the buyer and seller are able to track the delivery status of the domain name within their Epik dashboard.

This feature was added to track domain names bought and solid from other registrars. The beauty of it is that it enables sellers to know if their auth codes and unlock states are in check to expedite delivery to the buyer and thus improve pay-out efficiency.


Internal Domain Metrics Page

Each domain name listed in the NameLiquidate marketplace will have:

  • Listing views – The number of users that have visited the domain listing page.
  • Age – Current domain name age since registration
  • Expiration date – Key metric to identify whether there will be a renewal cost associated or investment evaluation.
  • Creation date – Date domain name was registered
  • Watch, Place Bid, Buy Buttons
  • Share It – Share URL anywhere across the internet



Since it’s launch, NameLiquidate.com has proven to be an ground-breaking domain name investing marvel to many users right across the board. That can be seen through various tweets and comments within the domain name community. It has been widely adopted and is on an upward trajectory. Recently NameLiquidate broke Alexa rank 116k and is trending on its way to 100k pretty soon. Let’s see where this platform will go.

Please comment below if you want to share about your experiences with NameLiquidate.com.

2 thoughts on “NameLiquidate.com Launches Staggering New Features

  1. Miracle Man says:

    That is awesome Stephen! Epik is hands down my favorite registrar in the world. I believe that if everyone had a chance to experience their domain interface, personalized service, and all of the benefits that come from having names there, the Internet would be a very different place! Just learning to use their landing page designer now, and I’ve sold nearly a dozen names on NameLiquidate myself. This is a great company and it is great you taking the time to highlight these new changes.

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