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A lot of persons who have caught on to domain investing in recent time, and you would realize that the greatest obstacles in getting that first sale or getting domains sold in general are:

  1. Listing the domain in an area where there is enough interested traffic
  2. Getting a good price to maximize profits for domains after parties become interested

There are a couple of domain registrars that have been in the business of providing a marketplace to connect domainers, business owners, and other potential buyers.

If you are flat out broke, it would be extremely difficult for you to start getting your domains listed or even noticed by interested parties. The registrars who facilitate the sales charge buyers, sometimes for each domain listed as well as commissions from each sale.

Below is a breakdown of the minimum pricing structure for the most popular domain registrars on the internet.


Listing Fee: 15 USD per domain

Upon selling the domain name, there is a success fee that is charged based on the amount of money the domain was sold for. See image below:


Listing Fee: FREE

The success fees are summarized below:


To list a domain on godaddy.com, a membership fee of $4.99 is charged. This allows you to list buy it now and also auction your domains in the marketplace. You may also bid and purchase domains in Godaddy Auctions

The commission (success) fees are summarized below:

A great place to buy, sell and talk domains is DN Forum.com. You will have access to conversation threads in various categories and you will get to see the interactions of hundreds of investors in the marketplace. After registering however you realize that there is a pricing tier for person wishing to sell and buy domains.

Your communication in certain threads will be limited because you haven’t paid to buy and sell domains. There are threads from the beginners where you may ask questions but you wont be able to sell.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a true marketplace where buyers could go DIRECTLY to the sellers without the middle man. This would make it much more profitable for the buyers and sellers.

I agree that these companies offer security from unscrupulous persons on the web who are trying to scam investors out of their valuable assets. They do regulate the sales and ensure that trademark, governmental law and legal trading happens in the marketplace.

Yes, I do agree that these services will come at a cost.

I also agree that there are honest, knowledgeable online business persons who can shield themselves from scammers and conduct business in a fair and legitimate way and in so doing maximize their profits.

This website: www.flipwebdomains.com I hope will be one such marketplace where buyers and sellers can interact without commissions/success, listing fees and brokerage.

If you are flat out broke and want to enter the domain investing market, let us help each other. Drop us an email at support@flipwebdomains.com

OR List your domains here: Sell Domains

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