The Book Every Domainer Should Read

The Domain Game: How People Get Rich from Internet Domain Names


It is my personal opinion that the book; The Domain Game: How People Get Rich from Internet Domain Names by David Kesmodal is the most powerful resource on the internet for someone looking to start domain investing. I am in now way getting proceeds for writting this blog about the book mentioned above. I am not an amazon affiliate, neither am I an affiliate of David Kesmodal, therefore I will not receive any commissions from writing this blog. My intention is to give readers a head start in sifting through a lot of unnecessary material about domain investing which wastes time and money.


I purchased the Kindle Edition of this ebook on amazon in April of 2019 for less than USD 10.00. The value that I got from reading this book was worth far more than what I paid for it. This 210 page easy to read book was published in May of 2008 and features the stories of people who created what is now the domain investing industry and how they managed to create an informal business model out of buying and selling domain names online as well as paid search and display ads.

For anybody to effectively be a part of something, they must understand the history of it i.e how it got there. The author, David Kesmodal, who now researches investment ideas for Longview Asset Management according to his twitter handle @davidkesmodal, narrates several stories based on his personal experience with the most outstanding domainers and the recollection of others during the late 90’s, early 2000’s. David Kesmodal, himself a Technology reporter for the Wall Street Journal’s online edition at the time of the writing of the book, stumbled onto the “domain game” and became obsessed with understanding how the market worked. He was intrigued to find out how

Frank Schilling had become a multimillionaire in a few short years by splurging on web addresses.


The book features the stories of the following domain powerhouses:

  • Frank Schilling – A Canadian college dropout who dabbled in several careers
  • Garry Chernoff – Previously an Electrician
  • Scott Day – A Watermelon farmer from Oklahoma
  • Richard H. ‘Rick’ Schwartz – “Domain King” former furniture salesman
  • Yun Ye – Chinese born domain investor


The domain industry has been hit hard by changes in how the internet is used by people today and the advent of search engines. Some people believe search engines have destroyed type-in traffic and by extension domaining, however I believe that it is not true as humans are still hard-wired into typing in names into the search bar just out of convenience. The book details the correct context of how domain investing should be done. Although this book was published back in 2008, the content is still relevant and I believe every domain investor should read this book as it provides context to the present domain industry with the perspective of what it really started out as.



As I make a special effort to prevent my blogs from being long-winded, I will not go on and on about the contents of the book. I would just encourage every serious domain investor that views this post to read the book and take note about how the industry has evolved. YES! It is still possible to make money out of domain investing. Please tell me what you think about the content of the book. Give your feedback in the comment section below. Let me hear from you.


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